Raincrow Film, LLC was founded by industry experts Sandra M. Matheson and John D. Mitchell, and specializes in documentary film with an emphasis on culture as it relates to environmental issues.

Sandra M. MathesonSandra M. Matheson is an artistic and passionate filmmaker from northwest Washington State. Her skills include producing, directing, cinematography, and editing. Sandra’s leap into the entertainment industry began with writing and producing a children’s TV series related to diversity. Her objective is to create beautiful, impactful, and stunning films that connect with the audience.

Sandra is an experienced writer, including screenplays, articles, and lyrics. In addition, she is a lifelong rancher, an educator, facilitator, and retired veterinarian. Her background in sustainable agriculture, interest in the environment, and experience as a volunteer for children and youth programs have served as the foundation for many of her film projects.

Since she was a young girl, Sandra has been a fan of films – especially those with spectacular images, meaningful stories, and captivating characters. Her eye for capturing that perfect moment, unique perspective, dazzling color, or a certain look is hard to match. Her creativity is balanced by her ability as a producer to organize and implement a project of scale and/or complexity. Add to that a love for nature, animals, and people; and you have the recipe for a documentary filmmaker!

Sandra graduated from Washington State University with degrees in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. She is a Certified Educator in Holistic Management, Certified Consensus Facilitator, and a graduate of the Western Washington University Video Production Program. Her credits span television, fiction, and non-fiction film.

John Mitchell was raised in a small logging community in rural northwest Washington State. He has always been active in the outdoors and is moved deeply by nature and is sensitive to the impacts that society has on its wild-lands. He has also a keen interest in people and cultures and has traveled throughout the world documenting his experiences through film and word.  John believes in the art of filmmaking–done right, it may capture the essence of a land or person or animal in a very powerful and revealing way.  Documentary filmmaking is not only a documentation of a subject–it is a creative collaboration of hearts and minds that builds trust, understanding and insight.

His work has always revolved around exploration and story.  His early interest in history, both natural and social history, lead him to the studies of zoology, anthropology and archaeology.  He has a bachelors degree in archaeology and has worked as a field archaeologist in the U.S and Europe.  He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe as both student and tourist.  John has worked in the film industry since his first gig as Best Boy on a local feature film in 2007.  Since then he has produced and directed numerous short and feature documentaries.

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