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Occam’s Grazer on the Savory Institute Website

The Savory Institute has posted the trailer to “Occam’s Grazer” on the home page of it’s website. The Savory Institute was founded by biologist and environmental activist Allan Savory. Savory and the Savory Institute recently won the Buckminster Fuller Award for the work they are doing in his native Zimbabwe.

“Occam’s Grazer” was inspired by the process of Holistic Management developed by Mr. Savory.

Occam’s Grazer DVD is Here!

Occam’s Grazer All Things Being Equal, A Holistic Approach is Best

There is a small but growing group of farmers, ranchers and land managers who are challenging both environmentalists and traditional ranchers to change the debate on overgrazing and land degradation. This documentary highlights four ranch families that have embarked on a new, more holistic strategy to save their farms, heal the land and improve their overall quality of life. They make a compelling case that cattle and other grazers can and do have a positive impact on the environment and provide a sustainable income for farmers and their communities.

Occam’s Grazer visits the Hutton Ranch, Matheson Farms, Mitchell Bay Farm, and Thundering Hooves Ranch. The Special Feature is an interview with Craig Madsen of Healing Hooves about his vegetation management business using goats and his thoughts on multispecies grazing.

This video provides an introduction to Holistic Management and holistic grazing as well as many powerful insights, philosophies, and useful ideas from people who are using the framework and practices every day. This video is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about taking a holistic approach to grazing in their ranch business, how it works, and the potential benefits. It was designed to be a resource for ranchers, potential ranchers, environmentalists, and educators, but is also being well received by the general public.

Please visit the Raincrow Film, LLC Store for information on how to obtain a copy of the full length video. Email:

Busy Month for Raincrow Film

October has been a very busy month for Raincrow Film. We just completed two short documentary films and are only days away from finishing a long documentary.

Raincrow Film has finished a short documentary film Beefing Up the Palouse for Managing Change Northwest (MCN). Filmed in the rolling hills of the Palouse area of eastern Washington State, this documents the grazing of cattle holistically as an alternative use for land coming out of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Beef cattle grazing holistically on the Palouse hills in eastern Washington State


We also completed a  short film for designed to solicit funding for a much larger scale documentary project. The film will examine spanking of children in the US and the effort to ban that practice.


A happy unspanked child being attended to by a loving grandmother


Finally, the full length version of Occam’s Grazer will soon be available for purchase. This two year project will finally come to fruition. The documentary tells the story of four ranches and the journey from conventional ranching practices to a holistic approach that has improved the environment, economic situation, and quality of life for the families involved.

Welcome to Raincrow Film!

Welcome to the new home of Raincrow Film, LLC. Our company was officially founded in 2010, but John Mitchell and I, Sandra Matheson, met in film school in 2007. Because of our similar interests, we became working partners from the start of the program. Our inaugural project, Mitchell Creek Memoirs was the first of many produced together.

Our interest lies primarily in non-fiction, especially in documentary film, although we have been involved in fiction film, screenwriting, and television. We are particularly passionate about sustainability, nature, agriculture, culture, and the connections among them. Please visit our Portfolio Page for links to some of our film projects and trailers.

We look forward to “growing” this website as our business grows and evolves. Please stay tuned to our blog as we report on the experiences, insights, adventures of Raincrow Film.

Sincerely, Sandra Matheson