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Holistic Management for the People (Featuring Paul Mobley Photography)


Paul Mobley

Raincrow Film is featuring nationally acclaimed photographer Paul Mobley in their recent educational video, “Holistic Management for the People“.

We have had many exceptional interviews with dedicated folks trying to make a positive difference on their land and in the world. Last spring we interviewed Brian Marshall, a rancher and Holistic Management educator from Guyra, Australia. He gave such a wonderful interview (and we love his accent) that we’ve been working on short clips to help educate the public on what exactly Holistic Management is. In this segment, we wanted to focus on a primary facet of this system—people and community. Brian’s words reveal the both global and community oriented nature of Holistic Management perfectly. We needed images that could convey that same essence, and we found it in spades in Paul Mobley’s book, American Farmer.

Paul captures perfectly both the resolve and empathy we have come to appreciate in those farmers and neighbors that we have worked with so closely.  Please enjoy these stunning photographs and Brian’s comments on people, their land and Holistic Management.




Whatcom County Powering into the Future with Renewable Energy

Terry Meyer of Convivium Renewable Energy in Bellingham, WA is convinced that Whatcom County in northwestern Washington State has the natural resources to provide ALL its energy needs. He makes a convincing argument.

Photo from the United Nations Environment Programme at

Beefing Up the Palouse

Last summer we were involved in an exciting and important project with Managing Change Northwest.  The following is a description and the finished video.

Since 1985 the U.S. government has implemented the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) which pays farmers NOT to grow crops on millions of acres of highly erodable land. In addition to being a controversial program, much of this land is now coming out of CRP which puts pressure on farmers to grow crops in these areas once again. In the Palouse in Washington State, local farmers and ranchers are looking at holistically grazing livestock as an economically and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional wheat farming in these sensitive areas and to the CRP in general.

A special thank you to the Community Building Foundation, Washington State University, Managing Change Northwest, Gregg Beckley, Don Nelson, Maurice Robinette, and everyone else involved in this project.  It was a pleasure for Raincrow Film to contribute to such a worthy effort.

Change, Decision Making and Holistic Management

Brian Marshall explains the importance of decision-making, the difficulty and necessity of change and the potentials of holistic decision making.

All photos are from the United Nations Environment Programme website:

and the Savory Institute:

What is Over-grazing?

Brian Marshall explains that over-grazing is much more of function of time and not an issue of too many animals on the land.

All photos in this clip are from the United Nations Environment Programme website:

Global Warming, Carbon Sequestration and Holistic Management

What’s new at Raincrow Film?

Every week a new interview short! In the next few weeks we will be highlighting Brian Marshall, a Holistic Management educator from Guyra, Australia.

Can Cattle Save the Planet?

Most industrialized nations agree to reduce 80% of carbon emissions—but not until 2050! By most accounts, too little too late. Brian Marshall takes on this problem through the eyes of a land manager, rancher and Holistic Management educator and proposes grazing, grasslands and carbon sequestration must be a part of the equation.