The full length Occam’s Grazer video is now available!

Occam’s Grazer DVD with a Special Bonus: Healing Hooves, an interview with Craig Madsen about vegetation management and multispecies grazing using goats.

$19.97 Plus Shipping & Handling


The DVDs are coded to work in the following regions:  North and South America, Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, China, Far East,  India, and Russia.  Customers outside outside these areas, please Contact Us  before ordering if you require a non-standard format.

The Occam’s Grazer video provides an introduction to Holistic Management and holistic grazing as well as many powerful insights, philosophies, and useful ideas from people who are using the framework and practices every day. This video is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about taking a holistic approach to grazing in their ranch business, how it works, and the potential benefits. It was designed to be a resource for ranchers, potential ranchers, environmentalists, and educators, but is also being well received by the general public.

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